Monday, March 7, 2011

Poetry Session on Mar 4, 2011

The only session of Poetry that was as memorable as this took place when we celebrated the birthday of Shakespeare at the session on May 05, 2009. The attendance was at its highest ever with ten out of twelve readers present. The enthusiasm for poetry was represented by the wonderful variety of poets whose songs and verses were recited.

Zakia, KumKum and Indira before the reading at the Cochin Yacht Club

If one were to count the poets recited, the score was England - 4, India - 2, Lebanon, Germany, Chile, USA, Caribbean - 1 each.  Mystic poets, Rastafarian poets, pastoral poets, epic poets, free verse poets, austere poets, and poets of magical illumination arose from the dusty pages of the past to treat the readers to a feast of words. To paraphrase Pablo Neruda, poetry arrived Mar 4 in search of our readers.

 Zakia, KumKum and Amita at the reading

Sadly, two of our devoted readers, Amita Palat and Talitha Mathew, will be leaving Kochi. We had a farewell lunch for them next day. However, we hope to have Talitha participating whenever she can make the journey from Thiruvananthapuram to Kochi for our readings. Perhaps virtual readings using the power of the Internet can overcome the distance. But how to simulate "the fun, frolic, and the frenzied free-for-alls"? — to quote Talitha.

Amita, Zakia, Soma, KumKum, Indira, Talitha, Bobby, Minu, Thommo, and Joe kneeling

For a fuller account click below. Or link to the Record of the Poetry session on Mar 4, 2011