Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Kite Runner - August 12, 2011

Many thanks to Priya who provided this account of the session. It was a highly enjoyable reading with seven members present.

 Bobby holds forth as Zakia, Talitha and Minu listen

Some felt that the book had too many coincidences designed to result in the right outcome. But all agreed the writing was very good and at times, even lyrical. 

The book deals with many subjects: the break up of Afghanistan, ethnic hostilities between the Pashtun and Hazara communities, gender inequalities, the Soviet invasion and the rise of the Taliban. 

 Minu, Priya, Talitha, Sivaram, and Thommo

The readers thought The Kite Runner was ideal for a Bollywood Box Office hit and they chose actors from the industry who might play the roles.

Welcome back to Sivaram who attended after a lapse of two years.

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