Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Emma by Jane Austen — Oct 11, 2013

Title page of first volume of Emma, 1816

Jane Austen has fascinated readers all over the world and the occasion of reading Emma promised all sorts of delights. Readers come away with insights into the mind of women to whom marriage is a pre-eminent concern.

Talitha, Thommo, Priya, Esther

Austen’s prose became an ideal to imitate for its proper English words and phrases. It was not the spoken English of the period, but a high style.

Kavita & Zakia

As in all novelists you expect the characters to be drawn sharply and represent every sort of person that could be imagined to inhabit the situations, scenes and places in which the novel is set. Austen provides all the variety you might expect, with twists and turns that the strong-willed Emma could not foresee.

Mathew & Kavita

She discovers that some of the best things in life cannot be arranged.

Talitha & Priya

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